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About JR Granites
JR Granites is a Private Limited Company incorporated under the Companies Act of India with the Main Objects

To establish and carry on all or any industry, trade or business of preparing, quarrying, mining, cutting, polishing, processing, treating, importing, exporting of all types of granites, marbles, engineering marbles, flexible granites, laterite, lime stone, sand stone, slabs, tiles and other building material and colour stones of every description and type, including setting, processing, trading or dealing into waste and by products arising from the mining or processing of marbles and colour stones.

To purchase, acquire, take on lease and work, establish any mines and process, treat or deal in the material including by-products of mining and establish factory for processing, finishing, treating or conversion of the same into industrial and saleable material.

To carry on the business of manufacture, export, import, purchase, sell, distribute or otherwise deal in all types of granite products, marble products and all other types of stones, granite slabs, granite monuments, granite tiles.

The company is proposed to undertake mining activity of granite, marble and other stone in the first phase and set up a factory for cutting and polishing granite and marbles slabs for sales inland and for export as an EOU.

The Company is one of the Group Companies of JR Group an industrial establishment at Hosur with a Group Turnover of Rupees 250 Crores.

This is a diversification for the Group into new frontiers of business. They have embarked on this projects of Granites due to locational and geographical advantage of availability of quarries in Krishnagiri District, Tamilnadu.

They have envisaged to mine and produce black granite blocks which are in huge demand for the large companies, EOU’s and companies situated in and around Hosur as well as companies located in SIPCOT Granite SEZ’s near Pochampalli Industrial Estate.

The Group initially would like to establish its mining activity in an area of 5.64 acres which will be extended to more acres of land and more areas in the future.

JR GRANITES will be an one stop point for all the raw material requirement of stone processing plants.
Granite Industry

Granite is an established industry in India in general and a progressive industry in Tamilnadu due to his abundant deposits in some of the Districts like Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Madurai etc. According to estimates India is endowed with one of the best granite deposits in the world, having excellent varieties comprising over 200 shades. India accounts for over 20% of the world resources in granite. This study aims at providing ample information to the potential investors that would help them in preparing realistic business plan.

Granite is a product for decorating walls or interior space of buildings. It is now one of the most essential building materials for the decoration, durability and protection of the buildings.Because of its uniform texture and hardness, Granite is preferred for external use. It is more durable as compared to Marble and is economical in maintenance. Granite does not need re-polishing once it is polished and fixed at the desired place, while Marble needs polishing every year or at least once in two years. The granular formation and compactness of Granite makes it non-porous and non-absorbent hence more hygienic for the use in laboratories, kitchen, washrooms and other water exposed areas. Uniformity in texture gives better look to Granite and is thus convenient in its application at the desired place. Majority of the cities located closer to the sea, provide greater markets for Granite as it can withstand the weather effects (moisturizing) better than Marble. Usage of Granite in special work, mainly involved in the making and fabrication of sculptures, decoration items etc. is lower as compared to Marble. This is simply because Granite is a harder material to work on due to its compaction and silica contents.

Granite is an igneous rok which is formed from magma deep in the mantle of the earth (Pellant, 1990). Granite is created in large, teardrop-shaped underground bodies called plutons. The granite plutons are highly resistant to weathering. Because of this, the plutons slowly rose to the earth’s surface as the surrounding earth is eroded away. Eventually, the granite reaches the earth’s surface where a pluton either becomes a batholith or a stock. A batholith is an extremely large pluton visible from the earth’s surface. A stock is a relatively small pluton visible from the earth’s surface. All granite must contain quartz, feldspar, biotite mica, and plagioclase (Mottana, 1977). Other particles that could possibly be present in granite are magnetite, lilmenite, apatite, pyrite, zircon, allanite, tourmaline, muscovite mica, hornblende, pyroxene, and garnet (Mottana, 1977). When the amount of quartz is decreased, the granite becomes syenite. Granites with grains larger than 3 centimeters are called pegmatites (Pellant, 1990). Granite quarries are only formed on extremely large batholiths. Granites mined in quarries can be used for several different purposes. Examples of uses for granite include of tombstones, building materials, countertops, flooring, and paving materials. Granite is highly resistant to weathering because it contains biotite mica. Natural granite is typically white, light gray, pink, yellow, dark gray, and green (Mottana, 1977).

What is meant by "black granite"? To quote from the discussion in ASTM C119-95b Standard we learn the following
"Black Granites: dark-coloured igneous rocks defined by geologists as basalt, diabase, gabbro, diorite and anorthosite are quarried as building stone, building facings, monuments, and speciality purposes and sold as black granite. The chemical and mineralogical compositions of such rocks are quite different from those of true granites, but black granites nevertheless may be satisfactorily used for some of the same purposes as commercial granite. They possess an interlocking crystalline texture but, unlike granites, they contain little or no quartz or alkali feldspar. Instead, black granites are composed dominantly of intermediate to calcic plagioclase accompanied by one or more common dark rock-forming minerals such as pyroxenes, hornblende, and biotite. Such rocks, because of their relatively high content of iron and magnesium, are designated as ferromagnesian or mafic. An exception is anorthosite which, though commonly dark, consists mostly or entirely of calcic plagioclase"

The present quarry is proposed to situate at Soodhanur village in palacode taluk which is a reasonably developed area with marginal and socio economic development. The Granite deposits in and around area are for Black Granites eg, Gem granites , Dolphis granites have operating quarries which is the fast moving variety of Granite in the Market with the names K1 black, Z black etc.


The proposed Directors for the Company JR Granites Private Limited are


Shri. Ramamurthy M,
Responsibility: Chairman
Education: Bachelor’s Degree from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore

Shri. Ramamurthy M is the Chairman of the JR Group of Companies, a respectable man in the industrial circle as a self made man from the native village near Hosur.

Shri. Ramamurthy M is a renowned industrialist with several successful business ventures to his credit. He is the founder and first generation entrepreneur who had established the group’s business activities from the scratch.

He began his venture in business through the establishment of a food processing unit in partnership with the other entrepreneurs way back in the eighties. To cater to the packaging requirement of his partnership firm, he established M/s. JR Packages (P) Ltd with a seed capital of just 5 lakh rupees. Over the years, he has nourished and grown his startup business and diversified into various businesses and has built a large enterprise that is worth over Rupees 250 crores today. He has later established JR Fuels, JR Business & Resorts, KraftPack Cartons & Venkraft Paper Mills and thereby diversifying into fuel retailing, reality, and paper manufacturing.

He has acquired credible management skills through experience over a period of 25 years in business. He has also garnered sufficient political and business clout in the locality and is seen as the most influential business person in this region.
His hard working, result oriented, and risk taking personality has made him a successful entrepreneur. He has not only built a large business establishment but also has laid a strong foundation for the second generation entrepreneurs to scale the business to new hights.

Smt. Jaya R,
Responsibility: Director
Education: Higher Secondary Education, Hosur.

Smt. Jaya R serves as the director in the board of several companies and has vast experience in business affairs and has clocked over 25 years of experience in the area of human resource management. She has acquired personnel management skills through practice over years of experience in several industries.

She has also been responsible for the social welfare of the communities in the close vicinity of our factory premises. She has adopted a few rural schools and contributes books and uniform on an annual basis. She makes sure to provide all requisite benefits to over 500 migrant laborers working in our factories by providing them with accommodation, food and health benefits. She makes sure that all these laborers impart education to their children at the expense of the company, if necessary.

She believes in success through team work and has built a team of professional employees of which most of them have joined the organization a couple of decades ago and have been in employment since then. She has mastered the skill of employee retention and thereby, the attrition in our group companies has been far low than that in the other companies.
She has attained requisite administrative skills for the smooth functioning of the group companies.


Mr. Subash Chandru R,
Responsibility: Managing Director
Education: Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani.
MBA in International Business from ENPC - Paris, FOX School – Philadelphia, USA and Temple University - Tokyo.

Mr. Subash Chandru R is the second generation2 entrepreneur in the group with commendable credentials to his recognition. He is the topper in his class in both engineering and management discipline. He has passed out with academic excellence and honors in mechanical engineering from BITS, Pilani. He has superior knowledge in machinery design and process engineering through his engineering discipline, which has given him noteworthy technical skills in establishing and operating paper mills.

After graduation from Pilani, he took over the converting plant of the group and was successful in tripling its turnover. He then vertically integrated it through the establishment of the kraft paper mill. This paper mill is the state of the art green field project which was established in a record time of eight months from concept to commissioning in India. In addition, the mill had recorded profits right in the first year of operations.

Further on, he went to pursue his higher education in International Business through a tri-continent MBA program with the lectures delivered in three premier universities in the developed world. After that he is back in business scouting for business opportunities to expand and grow both the paper and packaging division.

He had also developed a unique drying technology for cartons through persistent research, which is one of its kind in the world. This technology is now being commercially deployed and has brought in a solution to a major process problem for all the corrugators in India and Abroad. This break through technology shall be patented and subsequently licensed to other corrugators.

He is a result oriented person and dedicates himself until the results are achieved to his satisfaction. He hopes to replicate the success of the establishment of the paper mill project in its expansion as well through effective project management.


Mr. Sarath R,
Responsibility: Executive Director
Education: Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from Anna University, Chennai.
Currently pursuing a management degree (MBA in Finance) from Birmingham University, UK.

Mr. Sarath R is Managing Director of JR Granites with vast experience in the field of Mining in iron ore and granite . Has Additional responsibility as the Executive Director of Venkraft Paper Mills and also serves as the director in other group companies. He has been responsible for improving productivity and implementation of total quality management (TQM) systems in all the manufacturing units of JR group of companies. He was responsible for the up gradation of the quality systems and processes in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 systems in both the packaging business and paper division.

Marketing granite blocks and slabs has been the key area for expertise.He has attended seminar in Verona.Xiamen and in USA regarding production and marketing of granite blocks.

He had improved the productivity in the packaging division through re- layout of the machinery and in-process equipments by adopting cellular layout. This improved the efficiencies and productivity and henceforth profitability. He was also responsible for ISI certification of select products.
JR Granites JR GRANITES will be an one stop point for all the raw material requirement of stone processing plants.JR Granites operate all its quarry in a scientific and professional way of mining using latest technology machinery....